Welcome to ODA Optics!

Optical Design Associates Inc. (ODA) provides optical design, mechanical design, optical engineering and fabrication services for high tech companies, R&D laboratories and government contracts companies.

ODA offers the most efficient and innovative designs and products

ODA technical staff is headed by Mr. Mark Oskotsky and Mr. Lev Sakin and includes experienced optical and mechanical designers and systems engineers. Each associate has over twenty years of experience in his/her technical field and an impressive list of accomplishments.

ODA associates have over forty U.S. and foreign patents and published numerous technical papers.

ODA experience

Maskless litho tool high NA projection optics design and analysis

Maskless litho tool illumination system design and analysis

Flat panel display (FPD) tool advanced projection optics and illumination system design and analysis

Scan and step lithography all generations tools projection optics and illumination systems design, analysis, metrology and alignment development, production supervision

Military and civil application optical devices design, development and build

Infrared, visible, UV, DUV optical devices design, development and build

Managing advanced and complicated projects in budget and in time

ODA recent accomplishments

Projection Optics design and analysis for high numerical aperture Optical Lithography tool

Station for testing of new generation of high resolution Infra-Red Tube Intensifiers

High efficiency energy concentrators for solar panels utilizing lithographic manufacturing process

Infrared lenses with magnifications of 0.5X, 1X, 2X, 5X, 10X, 15X and 25X for IC Failure Analysis Microscopes

Large field 4-mirror projection system for flat panel display machine

Fundus Camera for Retinal Metabolic Analyzer

Zoom Telecentric Orthoscopic Lenses for AMLCD Projection with formats ranging from 1.4 to 10.4 inches

Spectrally Adaptive System for Microscopic Image Enhancement

Spectroscopic Imaging Parallel Pixel Filtering Techniques Device

Advanced Scanning Interferometer for Characterization of Moving Surfaces

Spectrally Adaptive System Demonstrator

Laser Warning System for missile surveillance in the hemisphere

LCD projector illumination system